Cam FX makes short work of photography

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If you have ever felt that getting to the Symbian gallery is too fiddly after taking a photo, then CamFX is here to help. The application superimposes a gallery button on top of the camera user interface and vice versa. By default the shortcut 'just works', but you can change its position and size in the CamFX options. Which is just as well since its default location covers the main menu icon! It is always risky interfering with an established user interface, but this time I feel it was worthwhile as a shortcut to the gallery is something sorely in missing in the Symbian camera UI.



Note that the camera link in the gallery application is only active if you enter the gallery via the respective short cut in the camera application.

You can find CamFX in the Nokia Store for £1.00 (see the link below). If you frequently take photos and want to go to the gallery to review, this is worth a look.

Source / Credit: CamFX [SnakeSoft]