808 leaf cutter ant action

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What do you get if you set up hundreds of leaf cutter ants (Butterfly Farm in Buckfastleigh) in near darkness, give them a load of the green stuff to transport and them film them at point blank range with the Nokia 808 PureView (with LED video light turned on)? You get the amazing High-Def video embedded below. Simply wow. Maybe this will get your Nokia 808 creative juices flowing, too? What previously unfilmable items are now within reach?

Here's the setup/enclosure. Pretty gloomy (green) lighting:

Leaf Cutter ant set-up


And here's the video itself, from ibat400 on YouTube. Notice the Rich Recording at work too. Crank up the volume and the tinkling ambient sounds and childrens' voices come over superbly. As usual with YouTube videos, set it playing and then crank up to full screen/1080p, and turn up your speakers:

Source / Credit: PureView Club