Extreme Nokia 808 Rich Recording and video capture

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Jozef Scuric wrote in yesterday - as something to do with the HobNob Pop festival 2012 (no, nothing to do with the popular British biscuit!) in the Netherlands, he's been on stage with his Nokia 808 PureView when some of the loudest tribute bands were doing their thing. Here's the 808 on stage with the 'Foo Fighters' ('Stacked Actors') doing their thing. Just about as loud and as visually dynamic as you could imagine - and the 808 coped perfectly. Have a watch - and listen - to the video, it's embedded for your convenience below.

Jozef Scuric says:

"This was recorded last Saturday night on HobNob Pop festival 2012. I took it with my new 808,  there was a hell of noise and light on the stage!"

Thanks Jozef!

(Remember to up the quality as needed for your connection and to crank up your speakers/headphones!)