What's on CJ's 808

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Who doesn't love a peek inside someone else's phone? Especially when the phone in question is a Nokia 808 PureView and the guy picking the apps is Clinton Jeff, hugely experienced in all matter Symbian. He's brutally honest about which apps and utilities work and which are somewhat flakey or even non-functioning, so at the very least this piece should save new 808 owners some time!

From Clinton's article:

Internet and Social Networking:-


  •  Nokia Social (Pre-Installed) with Facebook and Twitter:

Nokia’s pre-installed Social App is notoriously laggy and slow, but it’s a free way to get your social networking fix. No push notifications though, and you can only sign into one account at one time. The only reason to use it? Because it syncs your contacts with their Twitter or Facebook Display picture, and pulls in their last status update. Yay!

Since there’s no official Facebook client for Symbian, fMobi is the next best thing. It works great and has all the things you’d want in a Facebook app. If you want Facebook Messenger/Chat seperately, the Developer has also made fChat.

The Official Skype Client for Symbian. Not available in-device search for some strange reason even though it’s listed on the store for other Symbian devices. You’ll have to resort to other means to get it installed on your 808. Works fine! No Video support though.

I never use LinkedIn, but incase I randomly get the urge to, I have the official client installed. Works fine. I keep it handy because of the NFC function that might come in useful someday.

A nice selection of apps and workarounds, Clinton! There will be more on my own picks in part 3 of my Nokia 808 PureView review, coming soon.

Source / Credit: Unleash The Phones