Mini-review: nWeather

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I'm a sucker for a weather forecast application and we've had quite a few for Symbian over the last year or two. Add another to the mix - nWeather, free in the Nokia Store. It's a little basic, but pretty, with a three day forecast built in. No idea where the weather data is sourced from though, casting doubt on the reliability of the forecast offered. Here's my mini-review.

Here are screens from the utility, whose interface is very Qt-ish, almost (Windows Phone) Metro-ish.


Oddly, this is the first weather app ever to not ask me which 'Reading' I mean - there are other (smaller) towns of this name, over in America. Intelligence in the program or just a smaller database of locations? Everything I tried brought up a forecast, even when there were clearly multiple locations with this name - some confirmation by the application that I was in the right country would have helped here....


The layout is modern and there are various backgrounds, possibly tied to country, possibly to weather conditions - it's not entirely clear.... The units used are muddled too, with Celcius on the main thermometer/daily screen and Fahrenheit on the 3-day forecast display. Hmm......

If you had no other weather information on your Symbian smartphone then this would be a possibly useful addition, but with the uncertainty over the data, the muddled units and the way forecast days can't be expanded, most users will prefer Nokia Weather, now built into Maps Suite of course. (The latter also comes with a homescreen widget, which is even more useful.)

Anyway, you can find nWeather here in the Nokia Store, for free.

Source / Credit: Symbian Tweet