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I admire anyone with the self-discipline to note down every single thing they eat through the day in an effort to watch the calories and thus eventually lose weight. There are numerous computerised systems which aim to make things a little easier, now joined by the rather splendid (and free) Calorie Counter on Symbian. Walk through below...

Calorie Counter in action. The database seems to be sourced from fatsecret and, handily, seems to work offline if needed.


When first starting the app, you're asked for a few basic metrics, including preferred units.


You're also asked for current and target weight, date of birth and height - all fair enough questions to ask, though I couldn't see a Body Mass Index calculation here, which would have been an easy extra. Above right is your daily total calories logged so far, along with a readout of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) left for your body size.


Entering meal data is in the time honoured 'look it up in a database' fashion. This seems quite comprehensive and it's easy to add extra servings if needed. There's no system of 'favourites' though, so if you eat the same breakfast each day then you have to search for it each time.


Looking up the separate components of even a simple meal (e.g. 'Cheese on Toast' here) can be a little laborious. Still, no pain, no gain? Or, indeed, loss, in this case! Above right is the daily breakdown of your consumption so far.

With clear screens, a decent food database and good performance, Calorie Counter is well worth grabbing if this a lifestyle area that you're interested in. It's free in the Nokia Store.



Source / Credit: Nokia Store