Shooting 3D with the Nokia 808

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Perhaps a slightly misleading title, as you actually need two 808 PureViews and a few clamps to work the stereo capturing magic, but embedded below is a nice slice of 808 PureView 3D video. Oh, and you'll need some 3D glasses - click on the 3D icon in the video player if you want to change which 3D playback method suits you best.

From the IHB blog:

Last week we went into Central London while the sun was making a rare appearance and shot a bunch of ‘day in the life’ stuff on these phones. The result is this 3-minute video. If you hate 3D – Like I do after realising what the workflow is like – just turn it off and stick it on 720p. Everything you see in this video was shot on the phones, no DSLR’s or GoPro’s were used at all.

CJ has an image of the rig used, in case you're curious:

808 rig

And there's a full 'behind the scenes' interview with the filmmaker here.

The 3D worked well for me, I used the red/cyan glasses system. Oh, and turn your speakers down a bit before clicking on 'play', the soundtrack's 'pumping'....! Here's the video (direct YouTube link):

Source / Credit: IHB Media