O2 survey reveals calls are only fifth most frequent use

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O2, one of the UK's mobile networks, recently conducted a survery of smartphone usage, entitled "All About You", to mark the release of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The survery was intended to reflect the new generation of demands on smartphones. According to the report, users spend over 2 hours per day using their smartphone, but the most surprising finding was that voice calls only came in fifth among all usages. 

Of the top five uses, browsing the internet accounted for 25 minutes a day, social networking for 17 minutes a day, playing games for 13 minutes a day, listening to music for 16 minutes a day, and making calls came in at an average of 12 minutes a day.

The entire activity break down was reported as:

Browsing the internet 24.81
Checking social networks 17.49
Playing games 14.44
Listening to music
Making calls
Checking/writing emails 
Text messaging 10.2
Watching TV/films 9.39
Reading books 9.3
Taking photographs 3.42
Total 128

As many of us are already aware, the report also describes how smartphones are replacing everyday items like watches, calculators and alarm clocks. While this may not be 'news' to many mobile users, it is interesting to have objective data on the subject.

  • Over half (54%) say they use their phones in place of an alarm clock
  • Almost half (46%) have dispensed with a watch in favour of using their smartphone
  • Two-in-five (39%) have switched to use their phone instead of a separate camera
  • Over one quarter use their phone instead of a laptop (28%)
  • One in ten have got shot of a games console in favour of their handset (11%)
  • Perhaps indicative of where things are moving, one in twenty smartphone users have switched to use their phone in place of a TV (6%) or reading physical books (6%)

Source / Credit: O2 News Centre