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Another of the big general mobile sites weighs in with a full Nokia 808 PureView review. Recombu race through the 808's features yet manage to give a good flavour of each, ending up with a two sided review (depending on what the reader currently uses!) Highlights include descending into "hyperbole" when talking about the 808's camera: "This is therefore hands down the best camera phone on the market. It also offers an experience we haven't seen in dedicated camera, suggesting Nokia has very consciously stumbled on a technology that might just revolutionise the way we take photos."

Recombu concludes:

We have two conclusions, one for current Symbian users and one for anyone coming from an alternate OS.

For Symbian users happy with their experiences so far and intent on getting the best camera phone out there, the Nokia 808 PureView will be a dream come true. We really can't over-emphasise how impressed we were with its camera. Get it - it's literally a no brainer.

For anyone coming from another operating system. do so in the knowledge that Symbian isn't going to be getting the upkeep of Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The PureView is thick and the screen isn't as sharp as any other flagship out there. Despite the recent Belle refresh, Symbian offers a dated UI and limited app support and like a labour of love, the phone will likely frustrate as much as it delights. But the Nokia 808 PureView will delight, it will delight a lot. The camera makes you take pictures, the pictures you take will look incredible and the range of modes and fantastic Xenon flash all ensure nothing out there can touch it. If you value photography enough, it will be worth it, otherwise, we hope to see some kind of PureView technology on a Windows Phone by the end of the year.

The criticisms in the main body of the review are mostly fair enough - at least the writer seems to have previous experience of Symbian and doesn't make the same elementary mistakes as other tech writers which have tried taking on recent Symbian handsets. I was curious about the comments about having to 'create a Mail for Exchange account with your Google credentials and manually enter the server address' - on my 808, I just tapped on 'Mail for Exchange' in the email client and entered my Gmail details.

Still,  at least the writer got most things working on the 808, even writing at one point that swapping over from an Android phone or iPhone might even be 'justfied' for anyone taking photos a lot on the go. I think a 4/5 score rating is about right overall.

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