Puzkend graduates from Azkend 2

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If you read my review of Azkend 2 The World Beneath, you may remember all of the mini-games that made up the overall game. The game's developers, 10tones Ltd, have taken the interesting move of releaseing one of the mini-games as standalone title. Puzkend is a made up of a hexagonal board where you have to match symbols in a continuous string to clear them from the board. As you clear tiles, those above will drop down, opening up the possibility for a cascade effect.

In the developers' own words:

Puzkend includes dozens of levels with difficulties ranging from compact casual puzzles to huge and epic brain twisters.

  • Crystal clear Retina graphics
  • Puzzle oriented match-3 gameplay with an original twist
  • Unlimited undo feature for stress-free puzzle solving
  • No time limit equals relaxed puzzling fun
  • Features the exotic subterranean world of Azkend 2

We don't know if this move is based on user feedback or as an experiment, but it's an intriguing idea to compare the success of one mini-game sold as a seperate title to that of the whole game. Might we one day see mini-games and full-games sold in similar ways as we see singles and albums for music?

You can get Puzkend from the Nokia Store for £1.00.

Source / Credit: 10tons Ltd - Puzkend