How to take unforgettable holiday photos

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There's a really useful and somewhat inspirational feature over at Nokia Connects right now, on the subject of 'How to take unforgettable holiday photos'. While photography tutorials usually centre around the more technical aspects of light, exposure and so on, Adam Monaghan's piece is more inspirational, suggesting subjects and ideas that would make ideal photographic memories, whether of a holiday or, indeed, of daily life.

From the piece:

Explore the night

It’s always good to have a mini tripod in your suitcase; they take up no room and are great for getting shots that you otherwise wouldn’t get. (The bigger your camera, the sturdier the tripod will have to be though). Even mediocre street scenes can be brought to life by shooting them at night on long exposures. But even without a tripod, you can look for suitable level surfaces to balance your camera.

If you were after a more technical tutorial, there are plenty of 'how to's on this very site, not least this : the same principles very much apply, even if you've got a Symbian-powered smartphone.

Source / Credit: Nokia Connects