A Nokia 808 photo and video mega-gallery

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When Clinton Jeff decides to put up a photo gallery, you can be sure it'll take you most of your lunch hour to get through them. In this piece he not only takes his Nokia 808 PureView on a photo walk around Delhi, but there are plenty of very low light shots too (one embedded below), an area where the 808 also excels. There are also a number of example videos, if you're interested and if you follow the source link.

From Clinton's intro:

Following up my Pureview at the Park post, here’s a couple camera samples from the Nokia 808 Pureview. I took most of the close-up and mid-range shots in Pureview 5 Megapixel, while most of the far-ish shots were at 36 Megapixels.

Here's one of the low light shots that caught my eye. You can download the full version at Flickr in Clinton's photo set.

Low light shot, 808

Here's another impressive real world low light shot from the 808 in Clinton's expert hands:

Street scene in low light

Pretty stunning for a phone.

You can expect some serious low light testing from me shortly, too, as part of our Nokia 808 PureView review coverage (part 1 already published).

Source / Credit: Unleash The Phones