iSync-less music syncing Belle smartphones to a Mac

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Getting our phones to play nicely with various desktops is a perennial game, though there are thankfully usually multiple methods to achieve the same effect. Mac owners have things slightly harder than most in terms of Nokia support, and iSync and Nokia Multimedia Transfer haven't been updated for the Nokia 808 (in particular) yet. Prompting Clinton Jeff to pen a useful 'how to' on using DoubleTwist to sync up Mac-based iTunes music to a modern Symbian phone. In his case it's the new 808, but the same method should also be borne in mind for many other recent handsets, should other media sync methods let you down....

From the article:

3. When you tap on the Playlists section (should be empty at first start-up), it’ll ask you if you want to sync your playlists with iTunes. Choose yes. If you dont see it, just head into doubleTwist -> Preferences -> Library and set it yourself. It should populate with your playlists from iTunes, like the screenshot above. Might have to restart doubleTwist or give it a couple minutes if it doesnt happen.


Read on in the full 'how to'.

Me? My music collection is too large to fit on my phone's mass memory or memory card, so I normally hook up via 'mass storage' mode too, but drag over just a selection of music sub-folders from my iTunes folder tree on the Mac. One 'refresh' of the Music Player library and I'm sorted. How do YOU sync music back and forth to a Symbian smartphone?

Source / Credit: Unleash The Phones