Nokia Mobile VPN update

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File this one under 'only important if you use the functionality', but Nokia Mobile VPN, normally built into Symbian OS firmwares, has just been updated, according to the Nokia Store client on all my Symbian^3 (and up) phones. This, as it sounds, facilitates the setting up of Virtual Private Networks in an enterprise environment (so you can log into a company Intranet securely, for example). Some Store screenshots and the link below.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

If you really want to see where VPN is used within Symbian, look in Settings > Connectivity > Settings > VPN, though it won't make much sense unless you have the right login details from a company IT department. Nokia has, as usual, full VPN instructions up for that dept.


You can find Nokia Mobile VPN in the Nokia Store here if it's not shown in your Store client for some reason. Just update it, we're only talking about a MB or so unpacked and you may need VPN at some point in the future, so best stay current.