Top Gear comes to Symbian

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The Top Gear franchise has been in overdrive in recent months and it seems that Symbian is also on its roadmap, with a dedicated 'news, videos and random nonsense' application launched in the Nokia Store. Screenshots and comments below.

You can grab the Top Gear application yourself for free here in the Nokia Store, it's written in Qt and there's the usual delay while the Smart installer does its very 'unsmart' selection of progress bars.

Here's the Top Gear app in action on the N8:

Screenshot Screenshot

As you might expect, it's primarily a news-styled application, 'geared'(!) around promoting the show. Still nice to see what's being covered in the programme though, and there is some editorial here, plus the usual sexy car pics.

Screenshot Screenshot

I'm note quite sure how the editor works out which items go under News and which under Show, as there's often overlap, but here's another section of Top Gear show goodness.... Note that the application is ad-supported, but purely with Top Gear social network links - which is OK in my book. It's all about raising awareness of the show.

Screenshot Screenshot

On the left, the Top Gear app home page - note also the 'Reviews' section, with complete (but short) reviews, possibly lifted from the Top Gear magazine content. Above right, there are a few video features lifted from the TV show - good to have here for free in convenient form. The clips load up in the standard Symbian video player.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store