The stunning Lamborghini Aventador shot with the stunning Nokia 808

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I'm really trying to hold back with these Nokia 808 PureView image galleries, but some of them are so exceptional that they deserve a wider viewership. In this case, Marc from the PureView Club taking advantage of being allowed to shoot at a Lamborghini showroom, his 808 photos will appeal to anyone who likes both smartphones and fast cars - so that'll be all of you then(!)

The Lamborghini Aventador costs around 450,000 Euros, so it will have to remain eye candy like this for most of us - I was tickled that Marc's one disappointment was that the showroom didn't have a red one, as it would then have matched the colour availability of the 808 PureView itself!

Enjoy the Flickr set, each image is enlargeable/downloadable at full 5 megapixel PureView resolution, too.

Here's my favourite from the set, but all the photos are well worth a look!

Shot with the 808

Source / Credit: PureView Club