Gravity gets enhanced settings, flexible full-screen mode

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New betas aren't always news worthy, but when the application in question is Gravity, a flagship title for Symbian, we make an exception. In this case, beta 2.70 (7158), for Symbian^3 and S60 5th Edition class phones, brings a flexible full-screen mode wherein the top bar and toolbar auto-hide and auto-appear, depending on whether you're swiping up or down respectively, plus a total revamp of the main 'view settings' dialog.


The new beta installed; the top part of the new 'View settings' dialog, note the new style


The bottom half of the dialog, showing the new 'Auto Hide Controls' system. This works surprisingly well - the rationale is that when you're swiping up you're scanning down tweets just posted and thus you want to read as much as possible, so the controls auto-hide. When you're swiping down it's to find a tweet that you'd already skipped past, in order to respond to it, in which case you'll need the toolbar back.


Also shown is the ability to disable the Search bar, a feature that appeared recently in Gravity and which isn't needed by many users. Shown on the right is the full-screen view, making the most of the nHD screen.

You can download the new beta of Gravity here.