Stunning nautical 808 photos from the Volvo Suursaari race

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The Twitterverse lit up this afternoon with a series of stunning (and I mean STUNNING) photos taken on the Nokia 808 PureView from a racing boat in the Volvo Suursaari race, doing a circular route from Helsinki, south of Finland. Boat motion, challenging light conditions, nothing seemed to stop Antti Tassberg from snapping a series of mesmerising photos. Two of them are reproduced below, but see the original Flickr set for larger versions.

Again, click through to the original Flickr set for larger versions. The photos are worth it. 

Nokia 808 PureView photo, downsampled.

Look at the purity of the graduated sky and the handling of the light on the water and through the sail.

Here's another photo, even more impressive - check out the colours across the image:

Nokia 808 PureView photo, downsampled.

Unbelievable, really. And this is all in week one of the Nokia 808 PureView's availability in only a handful of countries*.

* (Not the UK yet, before you ask....)

Source / Credit: Antti Tassberg’s photostream