Clever Driver cranks up the logic

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How hard should a puzzle game be? Hard enough to take you a few hours to play through? A few dozen hours? Or a few hundred? Clever Driver, here in its 'Summer' edition, is stonkingly hard, with hundreds of levels ranging from the (just) insanely hard to the brain-numbingly, neuron-pulverisingly impossible. If that sounds like your idea of fun(!) then this is terrific value. 

Getting one's car out of a car park is hard enough in real life at times. In Clever Driver, the job is to move the other cars forwards and backwards, one by one, until your sports car can make the exit. The concept's simple, the solution to each level is usually less so!


Now, maybe I'm just challenged in the puzzle department, but it took me many minutes of trial and error just to get through the first of the 'easy' levels. I cannot imagine how insane the 'Special-2' levels must be.


The interface is simple and pretty, with pseudo-3D-rendered cars to swipe backwards and forwards. A sound effect plays and a visual indicator appears when you tap or swipe, to show the currently selected car.

Happy puzzling fun anyway - definitely one to stow away on your phone for working through on a holiday, I think.

Clever Driver Summer is here in the Nokia Store. There's also at least one cutdown free version, for you to try the concept.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store