People Made: An exhibition designed and curated by Nokia Design

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There's an interesting video embedded below, from Nokia, looking at the making of the 'People Made' exhibition that runs all summer in Helsinki, showcasing various aspects of Nokia design that have 'changed the world'. Individual phones and platforms take second billing to concepts like build quality and sustainability, but it's still an interesting watch. Plenty of Lumia and N9 eye candy runs in the background on the giant video screens, but other phones and smartphone are also evident if you watch closely.

From the video description:

People Made traces the past, present and future of Nokia Design at World Design Capital. From June 8th to September 2nd 2012, Helsinki hosts the exhibition as part of a celebration of Hi Design. 

Conceived and curated at the London Design Museum in 2011, this film examines the inspiration, design and creation of People Made.

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Source / Credit: Nokia's YouTube channel