Demonstrating the 808 PureView 'zoom' in video mode

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Right now, in the absence of a review device here at AAS, Marc from the PureView Club is living my 808 PureView experience for me. In the video embedded below, he takes the 808 out for a spin (literally), demonstrating the 'lossless' digital zoom throughout a 1080p captured video sequence in the woods.

Skip past the first half of the video if you like - Marc spins round/pans rather too fast for the encoding (808's plus YouTube's) to keep up - but start paying attention when he zooms in. When he picks out the aerials on the tower at around the 75% mark, with the 1080p video staying very sharp, you're going to take a deep breath, I think. Stunning, and an utterly unique feature at that resolution on any smartphone.

  1. Start the video playing.
  2. Maximise to full-screen.
  3. Click on the gear-wheel and up the quality to 1080p.
  4. Enjoy.