SkyFiles brings SkyDrive to Symbian

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I'm not sure how many Symbian users will also use Microsoft's SkyDrive, but with Windows still dominant on the desktop and with some Symbian users at least thinking of transitioning to Windows Phone, the appearance of this third party SkyDrive client will be of interest. It's written in Qt and a free download at the Nokia Store, which is just as well as SkyFiles is very minimalist and somewhat glitchy, but it does seem to work. Screenshots and comments below.

Screenshot Screenshot

Grabbing SkyFiles from the Nokia Store. It's written in Qt and is styled well, though there's no customisability in terms of screen fonts or presentation.

Screenshot Screenshot

One unfortunate oddity in the current version is that your login details aren't remembered - you have to type in live ID and password every time you launch the app - surely this will be fixed in short order? There's a one-time warning screen about access to your SkyDrive account.

Screenshot Screenshot

A two-tab interface is easy enough to navigate, with toolbar buttons becoming enabled once the relevant source/destination folders have been set; and downloading a test Word document to my Symbian phone.

If you're interested in SkyDrive access, I'd recommend grabbing this and keeping an eye out for updates via Nokia Store - with some development effort, this could be a definitive cross-platform tool.

Source / Credit: Symbian Tweet