Nokia's official 808 availability map

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I have to say that there were times in the last month or so when I was starting to doubt that we'd see the Nokia 808 PureView at all (in Europe, at least) - thankfully things just got a bit more concrete in terms of geographic availability, with a clickable map pointing to the relevant local language Nokia sites. Curiously, the UK - home of AAS Towers - is missing from the European map - come on, Nokia, I know it rains a lot here, but there's still plenty to photograph in the UK!

Here's Nokia's interactive map. Note that few (if any) linked Nokia sites give availability dates for the 808, but at least there are positive signs in most cases that the handset will turn up at some point.

Rest assured that Rafe and I will leave no stone unturned to source some review 808 PureViews and to bring you our verdict in exhaustive detail.

Source / Credit: PureView Club