Notekeeper review update

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Back in April, I reviewed Notekeeper, the first real Evernote client for Symbian. My conclusion at the time? "Promising, but lots of confusing aspects and buggy, watch this space." Two months on and Notekeeper v1.3 has now been released, fixing all the bugs mentioned in my review, and explaining why the newly updated review here is at least a few hundred words shorter than the original! The good news is that Notekeeper is now established as a must-install for almost any modern Symbian user, it's now part of Symbian 'royalty'. 

From the updated review:

With the ever-growing range of note types in Evernote (images, audio, etc.) you obviously don't want the entire online database synced to your phone's limited storage (and through its bandwidth) each time you sync, so there's a healthy degree of intelligence here in Notekeeper about what gets synced, what gets stored offline, and so on. Notes marked in this application as 'Favourites', for example, are always kept synced and stored locally, for offline use if needed.

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Source / Credit: All About Symbian