The Game of Life

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Possibly not the first 'Life' simulation for Symbian, but it's new in the Nokia Store and, if cellular biology and the study of entropy is your thing then it's worth a quid. Or maybe you just like making interesting patterns!

Life screenshot Life screenshot Life screenshot

The screenshot above explains the basic rules, which most of us have encountered at some point in our geek-lives. The idea is that, having set the basic rules of cell life, you start the system with a particular pattern of live cells and then sit back and watch the simulation work. Above right, what better starting point than 'AAS'?...

Life screenshot Life screenshot

As with other Life sims, you can alter the speed of simulation and the cell size, though there's little granularity here. 'Clear', obviously, lets you start again and draw on a new starting pattern; above right, the result of 100 cycles of Life after starting with 'AAS'. Wonder which one's Rafe?....

Life is in the Nokia Store, plus there's a 'demo' version, which I didn't try. Comments welcome as to how it's limited.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store