3 new Vertu Constellations launched: Candy time

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Otherwise known as ridiculously blinged out Nokia C7s, Vertu has announced three new colour/material variants of the Constellation, each dubbed 'Candy': Raspberry, Mint Green and Tangerine (image below!) The main differences from the C7 (other than price!) are that each has 32GB fixed memory and there's a louder speaker. Don't worry about the cost though - if you have to ask how much any of these costs then you can't afford them!...

From the press release:

Introducing the new Constellation Candy Collection, the ultimate accessory to complement and enhance the discerning lifestyle of the fashion forward individual. 

Inspired by this summer's must-have colours, each handset exudes personality, from the highest quality exotic alligator skin, to the exquisite natural gem stones. A Vertu handset owner can also enjoy a highly bespoke fashion week experience with invitations to
the most influential shows. 

Constellation Candy from behind

Each Constellation Candy also comes with a range of services, of course:

  • Vertu Concierge
  • Vertu Concierge Live
  • Vertu Club Access
  • Vertu Select
  • Vertu City Brief
  • Vertu.Me

At some point, we'd love to review one of these, should Vertu deign to bless us with a reply to our humble emails from the Earth below...

Source / Credit: Vertu press release