The Nokia Store client moves on again, adds Facebook login

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Having established a few days ago that v3.24.053 of the Nokia Store client had been formally released from beta into the wild, we're now seeing the client leap off on a whole new 'beta' arc, with new functionality for v3.28.025, including optional sign-in using a Facebook account, a UI change and several stability fixes. Screens and links below.

From the Beta Labs blog post:

Changes in this version 3.28.025 include:

  • improved client stability when the client gets into the situation of connection loss
  • supports sign-in using Facebook account
  • improved reliability when downloading large DRM protected files
  • changed the UI of the “contact us” page
  • other error fixes

In addition, this release appears to be fully compatible with the VGA-screened Nokia E6. Here's the new v3.28.025 in action:

Screenshot Screenshot

Screenshot Screenshot


Note that Facebook login is also now integrated into the Beta Labs web site as well - many will welcome this extra authentication method, though I expect most AAS readers to have a Nokia account by now!

I didn't notice any more changes, once logged in, but 'more reliable' is always welcome in my book....

Source / Credit: Nokia Beta Labs