Towards Belle Feature Pack 1

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Up on Nokia's official YouTube channel is a short promo video for Symbian Nokia Belle FP1, currently rolling out, highlighting a few of its highlights (I'll refrain from being picky and pointing out that some of things mentioned are (ahem) already available, even for generic Belle devices). In particular, the video highlights improved entertainment options, personalisation choices, boosted performance, 20 new and improved widgets and a faster browser with HTML 5 support.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is the latest software update for Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. Read more at

See also our write-up of what's in Belle FP1. The update is unlikely to come to Symbian^3-generation hardware (e.g. N8) in its entirety but items like improved widgets and faster browser will almost certainly get patched in at some point.