PureView sample photos miss the point

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I'm rather disappointed that Nokia's latest set of sample 808 PureView photos completely miss the point of its own device. Published up on Flickr is a set of arty low light shots from Iceland - fine as far as the concept goes. But the photographer has completely forgotten the core concept behind PureView.

PureView Flickr set

Each of the seven images in this Flickr set is presented as a high megapixel photo - typically around the 30mp mark. The photographer obviously decided that the key thing to show off in these shots was the 41mp sensor in the 808 PureView...

Err.... no. The end result is that each image is actually quite grainy and imperfect if you look at it closely, e.g. a simple crop below.

Crop of high mp image

The PureView technology was not designed to promote insanely high megapixel counts. The point of PureView (other than to enable some rather nifty zoom capabilities - watch for our review coverage of retail units soon) is that it can produce grain-free, noise-free, artefact-free photos at lower megapixel counts, with the 6 or 7 to one pixel oversampling allowing each pixel in the final 5mp or 8mp image to be near 'perfect'. Or indeed 'pure'. (See also my explanation of PureView virtual pixel size.)

What I want to see are more 'pure' images. These will be FAR more representative of what PureView can do for ordinary people and in my purist eyes will be FAR more interesting, especially when I get to compare crops of these images to those taken with the N8 or other competing smartphones.

Over to you, Nokia. Or just send me the 808 early and I'll do some proper sample PureView images for you to show off.