Nokia Brazil shows off the 808 PureView's extreme zoom

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Another day, another Nokia 808 video spot, embedded below - you can almost physically feel the anticipation, can't you?(!) This time it's Nokia Brazil, showing off the amazing zoom by the simple device of showing an image at full zoom and then double tapping to zoom out and reveal the full photo, causing your jaw to drop each time in the process. Of course, to really see what the Nokia 808 PureView can do, you'll be wanting to hang on until I get a retail unit in my hands later this month and put it up against the N8, the previous camera phone champion.

Here's the video, courtesy of Nokia Brazil's YouTube channel : [NB. dialog is in Spanish Brazilian Portuguese - sorry]


Terrific stuff, even if I think they overdid the zooms a little too much, with their 'starting' images showing digital degradation. Next time, less zoom and more impact, guys!

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Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog