Alvin's great N86 retro experiment

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I'm not the only crazy N86 fan, it seems - the much respected Alvin Wong has just started a two week experiment using this three year old T9-based phone (the last great N95-style dual-slide smartphone) as his only device for two weeks. No touchscreens, no qwerty keypads (physical or otherwise), no 2012 cloud computing (out of the box, at least). Is he crazy? Yes, a little bit. Is this the sort of thing I do as well? Absolutely. Here's part one of his report - we'll link again once the experiment's concluded!

N86 arty

From part 1:

This is actually my 4th day owning the N86, but I’m only starting the experiment today. What have I managed to do to the N86 so far? Well I’ve taken it out of its box, got my microSIM adapter stuck in it, nearly destroyed the SIM tray trying to extract it, had it repaired in another second-hand phone shop and bought a new battery for it (the one that came with the set lasts for 3 hours on one charge and takes ages to charge). I’ve also managed to set it up to my liking; I’ve put on my preferred theme, altered several settings, configured the network destinations, switched on the always-on standby clock, transferred my contacts, set up my email and loaded up some music. I’ve also installed a smattering of apps – Gravity (which is like having multiple apps in one), Opera Mobile, Whatsapp, Skype, Qik, Nimbuzz, Sports Tracker, Joikuspot, YouTube and ForecaWeather.

My N86 is ready to go, and so am I. First impressions are that it still feels like a high-end device in the hand, I love the little design touches, the camera is impressive even by today’s standards, the display is really vibrant except in direct sunlight and it can survive a drop from pocket to floor without even a hint of damage. I’m slowly adjusting to typing everything with the numeric keypad – the last time I had to choose between T9 and multitap text input was when I had a N82 back in 2008. It’s getting late now but I’ll have more for you soon – till next time!

I've periodically switched back to the N86 for a few days (there is SO much going for the N86) but kept getting sucked back into more modern devices. Let's see how long Alvin can keep going - will he make the full two weeks?....

Source / Credit: Unleash The Phones