New Dropbox client for S60 devices

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For those who are still using an S60 device, a new Dropbox client has been released. Titled "Drops60", it has been developed by Tomi Lehto, and will require users to sideload the application, as it's only available from his website (see source link), not the Nokia Store. Dropos60 was originally written for S60 Feature Pack 1 (by means of having been tested on a Nokia E90), but Tomi now reports that it will work on S60 Feature Pack 2 and S60 5th Edition with "some glitches".

Going by the change log on Tomi's website, the following are some of Drops60's features:

  • 'Copy public link' command to menu: copy public link to clipboard for a file in the /Public/ directory.
  • When multiple files are being synced, number of current transfer and total number or transfers is shown in progress dialog ("file 1/3 downloaded").
  • When you click a file when newer file is on the phone), Drops60 asks whether to sync (upload) it or open in associated application.
  • When you click a file when newer file is in Dropbox, Drops60 asks if you want to automatically open the file after downloading.
  • Improved compatibility with S60 3rd FP2 and S60 5th phones.Synced files can be opened for viewing or editing in external program.


[Via @Alsiladka]

Source / Credit: Drops60