The 808 impresses again, this time with time lapse

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We've seen various promotional sample images from the upcoming Nokia 808 PureView and, to be fair, this video montage (embedded below) does include some examples which we've seen already, but there's also plenty of new material, including some rather impressive tripod-mounted time lapse images...

To appreciate the full quality, make sure you click on the YouTube 'gearwheeel' and up the quality to 1080p, then make full-screen (if your bandwidth can stand it - perhaps leave on pause for a minute while the video buffers up?).

Here's the montage - this phone really can't come soon enough! 

At the Samsung Galaxy S III launch yesterday, it's very apparent how far smartphones have moved on beyond the nHD, single core models in the Symbian range - which is why it's unique selling points like superb cameras and superb keyboards that matter, in the case of the 808/N8/E6/E7.