TankShoot's enemies are smarter than the average enemy

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Tankshoot is a tank-themed 'capture the flag' game for all ages of Symbian device, with 'smart enemies' that 'attack intelligently'. 48 cleverly designed levels mean that there are hundreds of hours of gameplay, but the main reason why I've included a plug for it here is the totally, wonderfully over the top cinematic video trailer, embedded below. Props to the developer!

  • For Symbian^3 (and upwards) phones, there's a full multitouch implementation. There's a free version, with the first 5 levels unlocked and which never expires, plus the commercial version, costing all of £1, with all levels.
  • For older phones, there's the original S60 3rd Edition implementation in free/trial form and commercial (£3) form.

But onto the main event. Feast your eyes on the magnificent mismatch between cinematic video and old-school grid-based gameplay: