Australia finally gets the Belle love

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Australian Nokia N8 (and some other device) users will have felt a bit left out a couple of months ago when Nokia Belle wasn't released for their handsets due to (presumably) national telco approval issues. Just a quick note that the roadblock seems to have been removed and that, as of the middle of last week, Belle started rolling out for all Australian network-branded N8s (again, and presumably other Symbian^3/Anna models). Data points welcome if you're in Australia and have just had (or not had) Belle offered.

Update your smartphone to Belle

In hindsight, apart from the issue with Australia, Belle seems to have been rolled out remarkably painlessly, given the scope of the update. Althoug by no means perfect (cough - email integration), Belle certainly seems to make Symbian smartphones feel more modern.

(Thanks to David C for the confirmation)