Opera Mobile and Opera Mini bug fixes

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Opera Mobile and Opera Mini for Symbian have both been updated today, with a fair smattering of bug fixes - nothing major, but certainly worth staying up to date, especially if you've experienced a few glitches. To download the updated versions, point your phone's browser to m.opera.com for the latest version. Note that Opera Software insists on calling Symbian 'S60' - don't let that put you off! Screens and changelogs below....

Reported versions in Symbian are slightly different from the official version numbers. Opera Mini is shown as 6.50(29700) and Opera Mobile is shown as 12.00(2254), but - again - don't let this put you off. Just install the two apps and enjoy!

Screenshot, Opera updates Screenshot, Opera updates Screenshot, Opera updates

Changelogs for those interested:

Opera Mini 6.5.2 for S60:
  • Fixed general stability issues 

Opera Mobile 12.0.2 for S60:

  • Improved support for HTML5 video
  • Improved speed dial image caching
  • Added new version notification
  • Fixed issues with Opera Link initiating connections
  • Fixed several issues with text input
  • Fixed general stability issues

As usual, it's easy to get hold of the latest versions directly in your phone browser, via http://m.opera.com - note that neither browser auto-checks or suggests updates, so this is all something of a manual process at the moment.

Bonus links:

Opera Mini forum link: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/forum.dml?id=111 
Opera Mobile for S60 forum link: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/forum.dml?id=74 

Source / Credit: Opera blog