Nokia Suite beta update to 3.4.21

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The Nokia Suite beta is now being compulsorily updated to v3.4.21 when a user goes into Nokia Suite on their Windows computer. This supercedes the last beta, v3.4.16 - hopefully we'll see a formal 'release' (non-beta) version at some point soon, though the 'known issues' listed below do look like they'll take a few weeks to address? In the meantime, for compulsive users like me who have to stay bang up to date, you know what to do...


The official feature list for this update is the same as quoted in the original beta, i.e.

  • Update your Symbian^3 or Symbian Anna phone with the Nokia Belle software
  • Get free apps, games, and entertainment for your phone easily from the new Nokia Store view
  • Have your photos and videos organized into events by date and time
  • Copy multimedia messages from your phone and see them in Nokia Suite
  • Choose to hide your personal information from the Home view
  • Keep information in sync between your phone, Mozilla Firefox 11, and Mozilla Thunderbird 11

There are still some known issues though:

  • Time of some MMS messages is wrongly displayed
  • Sender of some MMS messages is wrongly displayed
  • MMS cannot be dragged and dropped to device
  • The Photos & Videos are not synced to Nokia Suite after removing content from phone memory with Make space feature
  • Nokia Suite crashes when disconnecting usb during preparing of map update

In short, don't expect a 100% stable official release for a few weeks!

To get the update, either grab it from Beta Labs or simply open the existing installed beta on your PC...