The 3Bs - Beach Buoy Bike

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Ah yes, the 3Bs, venue for many a Shed Music gig... OK, in this context, it's the Beach Buoy Bike Mounted Case from Proporta, basically taking the waterproof Beach Buoy concept and adapting it with a special foam insert, extra toggles and bungee cords, to allow secure mounting on a bicycle handlebars. Worth a look if you're a hardened all weather mountain biker?


From the Proporta product page:

This allows you to use your touchscreen phone while sealed inside it, mounted onto your bicycle handlebars. With the BikeMount, you can now use your smartphone's GPS and bike apps when riding, so there's no need to stop and check your route every five minutes. The Proporta BeachBuoy waterproof phone cover is one of our most popular cases, and now the BeachBuoy BikeMount can be used on your cycle to work, on a mountain biking trip or just anywhere in the great British outdoors (or anywhere else in the world!).

With four eyelets, a bungee cord and some toggles you can quickly and easily strap your BeachBuoy BikeMount onto the handlebars of your bike – stay out of the shed as no tools are required. A clever foam insert ensures that whatever you decide to put inside it does not move around or slip, making sure it's easy for you to safely use your phone and any bike apps on two wheels.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.5 x 13.5 x 5cm

  • Mounts simply without the need for your toolbox

  • Closure System : two click seals and a Velcro strip

  • Includes 4x eyelets, bungee cord, foam insert and toggles.

  • 100% Waterproof cover (can also be used with small to medium sized devices (MP3 players, cameras etc.)

I was pretty impressed by the vanilla BeachBuoy, which succeeded in protecting my N8 while submerged in water for 10 minutes. This new adaptation does seem to be fairly minimalist in terms of what's added, but if the end result is fully waterproof touchscreen smartphone-powered cycling then what's not to like?

Source / Credit: Proporta blog