Nokia touchscreen smartphone vision... from 2006

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I was interested to see this little video find from Jay at My Nokia Blog. It's a Nokia Design concept video from 2006, showing some quite familiar UI interactions (including an Android-ish pattern unlock) and augmented reality, a full year before the iPhone was even publicly announced and a full three years before Android got going and Nokia's S60 acquired touch.

Shown in the video are (among other things):

  • image browsing/carousel
  • twistable screen (N93-style)
  • augmented reality (stargazing)
  • camera zoom control
  • pattern unlock (for a graphics filter?)
  • an advanced People/Contacts system

Good stuff, though old hands like me will of course go  'Pah - Nokia actually had larger-screen touch back in 2004 with the 7710' (and even older hands will point to Symbian v1 (aka EPOC/32) with touch, on the Psion Series 5, back in 1997)!



Who knows, even the existence of this 2006 video might help patent lawyers in years to come? Nokia, for one, doesn't need to be too worried about lawsuits from touch-centric phone companies.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog