(Beta) Nokia Suite update brings wider syncing, privacy tweak

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Nokia Suite has been following a similar wave to the Store client, going through several intermediate beta releases between official 'rolled out' versions. We now have v3.4.16, an 88MB download, released yesterday, bringing (for people coming from the release v3.3.92) personal information hiding, Mozilla app syncing and better photo and video organisation. Recommended for those who like to stay bang up to date - the new version installs quickly and painlessly, I just did it.

From Nokia Beta Labs, on the subject of the new beta version 3.4.16:

  • Update your Symbian^3 or Symbian Anna phone with the Nokia Belle software
  • Get free apps, games, and entertainment for your phone easily from the new Nokia Store view
  • Have your photos and videos organized into events by date and time
  • Copy multimedia messages from your phone and see them in Nokia Suite
  • Choose to hide your personal information from the Home view
  • Keep information in sync between your phone, Mozilla Firefox 11, and Mozilla Thunderbird 11


As ever, the Beta Labs want feedback on the new version, so if you hit a problem, write about it here.

Source / Credit: Beta Labs