Warning: don't try this at home (probably)

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Coming with my strongest 'Don't try this at home' warnings, I wanted to get interested parties to nevertheless bookmark this series of 'Phone repair' videos, which are staggeringly well done, beautifully lit, shot in one take, nicely commentated and even time indexed. Essentially, each of the current Symbian flagship phones and the Nokia Lumia 800 are all disassembled on camera and then reassembled again. Even if you never, ever have to do this (thank God), you'll hopefully find them as entertaining, heart stopping and informative as I did.

Here are some of LE55ONS's most useful 'Phone Repair' videos so far:

Now, a good proportion of the phones covered may well be in warranty still, in which case don't even attempt to copy any of these procedures. And, even, when out of warranty, only contemplate the merest possibility of trying these out if you're completely confident with fiddly intra-phone electronics.

But, for your enjoyment and sheer jaw dropping amazement, here are the Lumia 800 and E7 being, respectively, gutted to appropriate degrees. I guarantee your heart will be in your mouth as you think "Stop - how the heck do we remember which bit goes where again!"...

Source / Credit: LE55ONS