Nokia Internet Radio updated

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Nokia Internet Radio just got itself an update for all Symbian^3 smartphones, to v3.5, grab it now from the Nokia Store. It's not 100% clear what's new from 3.4, but it I'll bet on bug fixes and optimisations for Symbian Nokia Belle. Some relevant screenshots below. Nokia Internet Radio is a great client and is a totally free way of experimenting with online streaming music.

Nokia Internet Radio update Nokia Internet Radio update Nokia Internet Radio update 

 Nokia Internet Radio update Nokia Internet Radio update 

See the comments below - people are reporting proper Bluetooth streaming of audio and FM transmission with this shiny new version.

See the Nokia Store here or on your device to grab your free Internet Radio client. When the app is open, delve into Settings and you may wish to up the streaming quality to 'High' if the station supports it and if your mobile bandwidth can stand it.

Source / Credit: Mobile Oli