Sweden to get the Nokia 808 PureView after all

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At MWC, Nokia announced that the 808 PureView wouldn't be coming to Sweden officially, alone among other Euro countries. Following something of a power user outcry, Nokia Sweden has announced that the 808 will be sold in Sweden after all. PR quote below...

From the Nokia Sweden article:

Following the fantastic response after the launch of the Nokia 808 Pure View from Swedish operators, retailers and consumers, we are now pleased to announce that the Nokia 808 Pure View will be sold in Sweden. We'll be back with information on price, availability and dates shortly. But we can now confirm that this unique camera phone with 41 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics, will go on sale in Sweden, in contrast to what was communicated at Mobile World Congress.

Although Sweden wasn't the only country to not 'get' the 808 originally (the USA springs to mind!), it's still an important European market and it's good to see the marketing about-turn and good communication from Nokia Sweden.

[Update, June 19th 2012, this is now shipping]

Source / Credit: Nokia Sweden