Nokia Rich Recording demonstrated

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We've been used to CD quality audio capture on the Nokia N86 and N8 before, plus the C7, E7 and E6 (arguably), with digital MEMS microphones, but Nokia's Rich Recording takes the idea and bolts on the next generation of MEMS mike, together with dedicated audio processing and Dolby software, yielding the capability of recording low bass through to the highest treble, all at up to 140dB. The video below provides some proof.

Demoed below is video capture from the Nokia 808 PureView, clamped on a rig with an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy S II (plus an N8, though its output wasn't used for the comparison). Make sure you:

  1. start the video playing
  2. maximise the playback window
  3. click on the gearwheel and up the quality to maximum (for best effect)

Impressive stuff, and it's good to hear that Rich Recording will make it into all future Nokia smartphone designs. Rafe's got lots of notes on how Rich Recording works and there's a special feature coming up soon here on AAS.

Source / Credit: Unleash The Phones