Nokia Store by the numbers

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Nokia Developer has published a video to YouTube that provides a brief summary of the benefits to developers of using Nokia platforms and Nokia Store as a distribution mechanism. There's an understandable focus on Nokia's well known geographic reach (190+ countries) and industry leading operator billing network (48 countries, 134+ operators) advantages, but there's a few other stats that will catch your interest too.

Here are some of the stats highlights from this video:

  • Nokia Store is available in more than 190 markets
  • Nokia Store is available in 32 languages 
  • There are more than 13 million downloads a day from Nokia Store
  • 80% of Nokia Store traffic converts to a download (i.e. each time Nokia Store used, 80% of the time a user downloads at least one app)
  • Operator billing in available with more than 134 operators, in 48 different markets (the biggest network of any app store)
  • If given a choice, between operator billing and a credit card, 88% of users opt for operator billing
  • 65% of revenue [for games] was generated in the top 100 grossing games
  • Offscr makes five time more money from selling ads in its application, then from selling premium apps (i.e. paid apps)

Video description:

Monetizing free apps is now the dominating mobile app business model. The mobile advertising market is also experiencing massive growth. It's a business that's seeing top publishers in the Nokia Store generating 30,000 -- 50,000 Euros per month. Nokia provides you the tools to take advantage of these opportunities, with easy to implement SDKs and APIs for multiple platforms.

Nokia provides unparalleled geographic coverage with a global scale and solid presence in virtually every market --expanding our developers' worldwide reach to 190 markets in 32 languages. Eighty percent of store traffic converts to a download, with more than 13 million daily downloads every day. It's no wonder that Nokia Store generates the highest average number of downloads per app, compared to any other app store. 

Nokia also has the largest operator billing network, with more than 134 operators in 48 markets. This is a huge benefit for consumers who want to pay for mobile content with their phone bill, and gives publishers a simple and integrated way to optimize In-App Purchasing from directly within the apps as well.