Ovi Share to be discontinued at the end of May

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I doubt that many readers will still be using the ill-fated Ovi Share service (for archiving and sharing photos) - it never really took off in Nokia's Ovi services portfolio - but if you are then note that the system is being shut down at the end of May. There's a 'Download' service to help you export all your uploaded content, so you shouldn't lose any photos or videos. Nokia is quoted as saying that the shutdown was a 'business decision' and that it will help the company 'focus on our core service offerings'. 

From Nokia's Conversations blog:

We have made the decision to discontinue the Ovi Share service as of May 30, 2012. Naturally, we are committed to helping you download all of your content and make the experience as seamless as possible. If you are an Ovi Share user, you will have until May 30 to download your content before the web service will be discontinued and won’t be accessible any longer.

To download your content:

  • Visit http://share.ovi.com from your personal computer
  • Login to your Ovi account
  • Go to Download your media library and click “Download now”
  • Follow the instructions on the site

You can either download your items in one zip package or in various smaller parts. If you have a big media library or are on a slower internet connection we recommend you to download your content in various packages as it will certainly be the more convenient option.

The timetable for the shudown was also shared: 

  • March 13: Web uploads no longer possible
  • May 30: Last day for downloading user content 
  • May 31: Service discontinued and no longer accessible

Although it's always disappointing when any company service gets terminated, it's fair to say that Ovi Share never became a household name, not least because it was never made trivial to upload content from Nokia phones - a little geek fiddling was usually involved. In addition, there was no significant marketing push and I'll bet that most smartphone users will, even now, go 'Ovi Share? What's that?'

But credit to Nokia for putting in the 'Download' function and making sure that nothing gets lost in the ether.

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Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations