Best of show: Nokia wins prestigious MWC award

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It seems that Nokia has walked off with the prestigious award for “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012” for the Symbian-powered 808 PureView. Well done to the technical teams involved in creating the device.

Jo Harlow, EVP smart devices, said: “It’s a fantastic award because it signifies that consumer experience counts. It’s about tech, but it’s about how tech is used to make a consumer have a fantastic experience. The imaging is fantastic; the audio is fantastic; the navigation technology is fantastic. These are first signals that we are executing against our strategy. That we’re back. That we’re bringing great products to our consumers – and that this is just the beginning. There’s lot more to come.”

Well done again, though 'Executing against our strategy' can be seen by some as somewhat ironic in view of the 'strategic' announcement a year ago that Symbian was going to be wound down in favour of Windows Phone - in this case, only Symbian OS was powerful and flexible enough to support the PureView imaging system.

Jo's comments can also be taken that the overall strategy is to get PureView established on Symbian on the 808, knock any rough edges off and then build the technology into a Windows Phone handset when the latter OS is mature enough (maybe 2013?)

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations