Play with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1

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Although Nokia Remote Device Access is mainly meant for developers to test their apps, it can be very handy for geeky end users (like you?) to play with phones which you wouldn't otherwise have access to. In this case, a clutch of four Nokia 808 PureView prototypes, all hooked up and ready to play with from the comfort of your office. The main attraction here is being able to experiment with Symbian Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. Some screens and notes below!

Screenshot, Belle FP1 Screenshot, Belle FP1

The range of widgets has been significantly increased, as you might expect, with extra photo shortcuts, a smaller Music widget, weather on the homescreen officially, and extra clock widgets.

Screenshot, Belle FP1 Screenshot, Belle FP1

Web is a whole new version, v8.2.1.16 (in Belle it was 7.4.26). There are UI simplifications on the 'More' menu, plus the bookmarks icon is now 'favourites', it seems...

You can log into Nokia Remote Device Access yourself here.


  • Do be considerate to others and only reserve as much time on a device as you need.
  • These devices are prototypes and therefore not fully stable!
  • The whole Java environment can be somewhat flaky.
  • Nokia RDA doesn't play well with Chrome.
  • Access to full camera functions is obviously very limited in the RDA environment - so don't expect to play with the PureView camera!