James Burland let loose with the 808

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In my absence at MWC, the inestimable James Burland has been let loose around the show and out in Barcelona with the Nokia 808 PureView. In this Flickr set of images, he shows off some 'creative' resolution (38 megapixels) photos, along with some cropped versions, plus there's a genuine before/after example, shown also below, demonstrating a 5mp PureView shot and then its 3x lossless 3x 'zoomed in' version. See what you think...

NB. I had the full/cropped versions up earlier and thereby caused confusion. The images below are the right pair. Sorry, all. This also meant that some of your comments then didn't make sense, so I zapped them. Sorry again. Please feel free to comment on the new image pair 8-)

For example, here's a shot from James's 808 PureView that's unzoomed, i.e. interpolated/oversampled from the whole sensor.

Full scene, no PureView zoom

... then, with PureView 3x lossless zoom applied:

Zoomed in on the 808

Source / Credit: James Burland on Flickr