Nokia the most exciting 'youth brand'

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Yes, Nokia has ended up being voted the most exciting brand for young people, in India at least, as gathered by The Economic Times. Whether it's the new dual SIM Series 40 phones, the new Lumia Windows Phones, mid-range Symbian smartphones or simply the recent promotional campaigns, all have managed to keep Nokia ahead of, not just other tech companies, but also ahead of a barrage of soft drink giants.

India brands, 2012

From the article:

What excites the youth in India is totally different, and the Top 5 brands in our survey are living proof. Nokia bags the first place and the next four show the total dominance of the soft drink majors with Coca Cola, 7 Up, Thums Up and Mirinda. Of these, Nokia, which seems to have made up in excitement what it lost on trust, is running campaigns where the brand is seen as an ally or 'best friend' of the consumer. 

The article goes on to comment on Nokia's image: "The brand has been going through trying times across the globe and in India as well, with competitors like Samsung and Apple beating it on release schedules and operating systems. However, a lot of what the brand has been doing on the app and music front is starting to yield results."

Apparently, 50% of all mobile app downloads in India happen on Nokia's Ovi store, a stat that would seem inconceivable to many Americans in particular, highlighting the differences between the various international markets.


Source / Credit: The Economic Times